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My goal is to share the beauty and wonder of God's creation as revealed through science to as broad an audience as possible.


Recognizing all of God's creation as a gift calls us to respond accordingly. For to those who have been given much, much will be expected.

Articles and Essays for Magazines

The Comfort of Our InsignificancePerspectives Journal.
Faith and Climate ChangeThe Banner.
You are PluralChristianity Today.
Wrestling with MiraclesPerspectives Journal.
Faith and Climate ChangeThe Banner.
Born to Be WildThe Behemoth.

Articles and Essays for Edited Blogs

The Gifts of Advising DayChrist Animated Learning Blog.
Those Data Points Are PeopleChrist Animated Learning Blog.
Kind or DegreeChrist Animated Learning Blog.
Attention and LoveChrist Animated Learning Blog.
Choosing How to Explain the Choice a Virus MakesChrist Animated Learning Blog.
Counting the SavedChrist Animated Learning Blog.
What is Won and Lost in a Virtual Lab?Christ Animated Learning Blog.
Human SpecialnessBioLogos.
The Gift of Gene TherapyThe Reformed Journal.
DeterminismThe Reformed Journal.
Prophecy and ClimateThe Reformed Journal.
Ecclesiastes and ScienceThe Reformed Journal.
With Gentleness and ReverenceBioLogos.
Weird Science and Christian WisdomThink Christian.
All Rivers, Great and SmallThink Christian.
Rethinking NeanderthalsThink Christian.
Our Bodies as Microbial CommunitiesTheological Miscellany.
Sin, evil, and the Zika virusThink Christian.
Embracing the mystery of Biblical miraclesThink Christian.
Mice in the image of God?Think Christian.
Thunderstorm at a bus stop Catapult Magazine.

Journals and Pages

Christian Scholar's Review
Think Christian
Theological Miscellany
Christianity Today
The Behemoth
Perspectives on Science and the Christian Faith
Journal of Biological Chemistry
Molecular Cell
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